308 China-EU Block Trains Operated in 2014

2014-12-30 00:00

In 2014, with an eye on "one belt and one road" strategy, China railway cooperation accelerated the construction of China-EU railway, operated 308 columns of block China-EU trains, and sent 26,070 TEU containers, an increase of 228 block trains and 285% from a year earlier, thus promoting economic and trade exchanges and development between China and the EU countries.

Railway cooperation said last year the railway sector deepened the shipping organization reforms, further optimized China-EU trains transport organization and improved the quality of international rail intermodal service. According to the requirement of 1000 km per day, the entire transport time of around 12 days, they arranged China-EU railways in three directions - west, middle and east. Among them, China-EU railways of Western Corridor exits through Alashankou (Horgos), China-EU railways of middle Corridor exits via Erlianhot, and China-EU railways of eastern Corridor exits from Manchuria. In the second half of 2014, the China-EU line trains increased from 7 to 19, providing sufficient protection for the growing transportation needs of China-EU railway.

In addition, the railway sector continued to promote the cooperation with countries along the China-EU railway and strengthen communication consultation with the national railway in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other countries, reached consensus on promoting the establishment of China-EU coordination mechanism trains and the preparation of a unified diagram, etc., made achievement in terms of postal parcels transportation and return trains organization, Successfully organized a trial that the international container between China and Kazakhstan transports international parcel, explored for the rapidly developing e-commerce business and parcel post transport between China and the EU, successfully organized the China-Euro trains transportation of incubator and solved the technical problems of high-end electronic products winter rail transport.

The cooperation said, in 2015, the EU-China trains overseas business networks of China-EU railway and service organizational capacity would be further improved; the distribution and transport capacity of overseas container would be strengthened, and service chain would be extended; the international "door to door" service would be provided; they would focus on imported cars, machinery and equipment, chemicals and agricultural products, in order to develop the return supply of China-EU railway and reduce logistics costs.

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